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(Solved by Expert Tutors) 13. How would declining consumer confidence and sentiment most likely

affect sports brands?a. Consumers will have higher disposable incomes and will invest in discretionary purchases,such as sports event tickets.b. Businesses will postpone making investment decisions in sports-related advertising andsponsorships.c. Ticket sales will decline, and businesses will be more reluctant to invest in sponsorships.d. Consumers will have less money to spend on utilitarian goods and services.14. Which of the following technologies tried by sports properties turned out to be more costly thanthe benefits it produced?a. cashless systems for concessionsb. paperless ticketsc. wireless in-game communications for sports stats and replaysd. loyalty programs that offered rewards for frequent attendance15. The generation that will have significant impact on businesses in the foreseeable future is:a. baby boomersb. Generation Xc. Generation Yd. MillennialsUnit 1 Examination43MKT 330 Entertainment Marketing and Communications16. In terms of marketing to women, an area where sports properties have made significantprogress is:a. season and partial season ticketsb. branded merchandise geared towards femalesc. seminars such as ?Football 101? and ?Hockey 101?d. value-priced food offerings at sports facilities17. The production, distribution, and promotion of products that promote environmental protectionis:a. social responsibilityb. cause-related marketingc. green marketingd. greenwashing18. The fourth step in the strategic planning process is to:a. set goals and objectivesb. develop a strategic planc. conduct a situation analysisd. gather information19. According to Maslow?s hierarchy of needs theory, physiological needs include:a. comfort and securityb. relationships with family, friends and othersc. confidence, achievement, and respect of othersd. food, rest, and other basic needs20. Psychographic variables classify individuals using the following EXCEPT:a. social classb. personal valuesc. hobbies and interestsd. lifestyleUnit 1 Examination44MKT 330 Entertainment Marketing and Communications21. If the best way to reach Cody and other customers like him is with word-of-mouth, the bestmedia vehicle likely is:a. social mediab. televisionc. radiod. magazines22. Which term refers to a specific platform that can be used to deliver a message to an audience?a. media vehicleb. targeted reachc. touchpointd. medium23. Alex is marketing sponsorships that begin at $20 million for a 4-year period. Because of thecost he wants to target firms with at least 10,000 employees. This type of B2B segmentationis based on:a. industry or category membershipb. organizational sizec. sponsorship typed. geographic location24. The two marketing objectives frequently identified by sponsors for B2B sports consumptionare:a. increasing sales and gaining new customersb. strengthening client relations and boosting employee moralec. motivating employees and increasing brand awarenessd. increasing brand awareness and creating a desired brand imagefff25. With an ABC analysis of segmenting business customers, the ?C? customer is:a. 60% to 70% of the customers whose buying behavior can be described as moderateb. occasional and low-dollar buyers who make up between 15% and 20% of the customerc. 15% to 20% of the customers who account for a significant portion of the revenuegeneratedd. the top 10% of the customers who generate 80% to 90% of the revenue


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