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(Solved by Expert Tutors) Hello Tdas1!I saw you were very helpful with another

I saw you were very helpful with another

student regarding the same subject so I was wondering if you would be able to aid me answering and explaining the steps to deduce the answers using the attached file as reference within the questions.?
I'm in need of some assistance in understanding on how to derive these answers and what the correct ones would be given the attached CompXm Inquirer from the Capsim Management simulation and the following practice questions questions:

-Baldwin currently has $19,743 (000) in cash and management has decided to issue stocks and bonds worth an additional $8,000 (000). Assuming that cash from operations will be the same for each of the following activities, which activity exposes this company to the most risk of being issued an emergency loan?
-Purchasing $18,000 (000) worth of plant and equipment
-Retiring the oldest bond
-Liquidate the entire inventory
-A $5 dividend
-Investing $2,000,000 in TQM's Channel Support Systems initiative will at a minimum increase demand for your products 1.7% in this and in all future rounds. (Refer to the TQM Initiative worksheet in the CompXM.xls Decisions menu.) Looking at the Round 0 Inquirer for Andrews, last year's sales were $163,405,682. Assuming similar sales next year, the 1.7% increase in demand will provide $2,777,897 of additional revenue.?? With the overall contribution margin of 34.1%, after direct costs this revenue will add $947,263 to the bottom line. For simplicity, assume that the demand increase and margins will remain at last year's levels. How long will it take to achieve payback on the initial $2,000,000 TQM investment, rounded to the nearest month?
-25 months
-9 months
-17 months TQM investment will not have a significant financial impact
-In order to sell a product at a profit the product must be priced higher than the total of what it costs you to build the unit, plus period expenses, and plus overhead.
-You were recently hired by the Andrews CEO as a consultant to evaluate the performance of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). As part of that process, you interview the CFO's direct reports (employees). Although they indicate that the CFO is technically competent, one individual told you stories about the CFO's verbal abuse with employees. Given this information, what would be the most effective next step in the process?
-Collect more information about the extent to which this reported behavior is impacting others.
-Tell the CEO about what you have uncovered and ask for her permission to speak about it with the CFO.
-Inform the human resources department that there is a potential problem.
-You are having a lunch meeting with a loyal and very good customer. Over lunch you happen to mention that your application to an exclusive golf club was denied for the second time. Your customer responds, "Hey, why didn't you tell me? My family has been members there for 40 years, let me make a phone call, I'm sure we can get it worked out." Which of the following statements should represent your primary concern about this situation?
-My customer likely feels forced into having to help me.
-My customer has increased influence over me that he might try to use for special treatment or deals.
-If anyone else at my company learns about this, they might think that I bribed the customer. Current members of the club are likely to know I wasn't accepted through the proper channels.
A productivity index of 110% means that a company's labor costs would have been 10% higher if it had not made production improvements. Now refer to the Income Statement in Chester's Annual Report. The direct labor costs for Chester were $32,584. These labor costs could have been $20,000 higher if investments in training that increased productivity had not been made. What was the productivity index for Chester that led to such savings?
-Brand managers know that increasing promotional budgets eventually result in diminishing returns. The first one million dollars typically results in a 26% increase in awareness, while the second million results in adding another 18% and the third million in a 5% increase. Andrews's product Awe currently has an awareness level of 77% . While an important product for Andrews, Awe's promotion budget will be reduced to one million dollars for the upcoming year. Assuming that Awe loses one-third of its awareness each year, what will Awe's awareness level be next year?
-In three years, assuming the competitive environment remains unchanged, how many units of Bell will Baldwin be selling in the Nano market segment?Select: 1

-??????????? 561
-??????????? 431
-??????????? 639 ??????????? 716
-According to information found on the production analysis page of the Inquirer, Baldwin sold 1127 units of Bell in the current year. Assuming that Bell maintains a constant market share, all the units of Bell are sold in the Nano market segment and the growth rate remains constant, how many years will it be before Bell will not be able to meet future demand unless the company adds production capacity? Exclude any existing inventory.
-2 year(s)
-1 year(s)
-3 year(s) 4 year(s)
-Which??description?best?fits?Andrews??For?clarity:- A differentiator competes through good designs, high awareness, and easy accessibility.
- A cost leader competes on price by reducing costs and passing the savings to customers.
- A broad player competes in all parts of the market.
- A niche player competes in selected parts of the market.

Which of these four statements best describes your company's current strategy?


-????????????Andrews??is?a?broad?cost?leader ??????????? Andrews is a broad differentiator
-Dim is a product of the Digby company. Digby's sales forecast for Dim is 2071 units. Digby wants to have an extra 10% of units on hand above and beyond their forecast in case sales are better than expected. (They would risk the possibility of excess inventory carrying charges rather than risk lost profits on a stock out.) Taking current inventory into account, what will Dim's Production After Adjustment have to be in order to have a 10% reserve of units available for sale?
-??????????? 2057 units
-??????????? 2071 units
-??????????? 2264 units ??????????? 2278 units
-Demand is created through meeting customer buying criteria, credit terms, awareness (promotion) and accessibility (distribution). According to the Thrift segment's customers, which of these products was the most competitive at the end of last year?
-??????????? Cell
-??????????? City
-??????????? Dim
-??????????? Ant


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