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(Solved by Expert Tutors) Audience: The essay should be written in formal thesis essay<

Audience: The essay should be written in formal thesis essay

style with me in mind as your audience, using the first person to give your voice to the paper.
Format: This final essay should be 5-6 pages in length (not including the cover or reference page), double-spaced, 12 point font and 1 inch margins all around. It should be cited properly using the most current APA format as used in the Bedford Handbook 9th Edition. You should include a Reference/Bibliography page, where outside references are listed and cited properly. This paper should have clear thesis argument and a strong theoretical foundation.
Final Essay: This essay asks you to look back over the past three papers you have written and the positions you have taken and to consider the concepts of ?right?, ?good? or ?just? as applied to the situations you have described and to:
1) Briefly summarize (in less than a half page) the positions you took in your responses to the three mini papers and discuss the theoretical approach or approaches you followed (most likely you will have followed a few), either consciously or unconsciously, drawing from the chapters and readings in your text and other references you choose.
2) Compare and contrast the approaches you have used and discuss why you took similar or different approaches in response to different issues. Describe how your approaches were similar or different.
3) Describe what you believe to be the sources of your approaches to these issues. Assuming you were not sufficiently familiar with a particular ethical approach to take a stand based solely on an identifiable theory, where do you think your approaches came from? How have you come to take these positions? For example,you might find that your approach to ethical quandaries is most often to revert to the teaching of your parents, or to your religious teachings, or to your socialization experiences with peers, what you learned in schools or mass media, etc. Perhaps you find just the opposite ? that your ethical approach seems to be to refer to whatever the teachings of your parents may have been and then you choose the opposite. (Please spend at least one full page of your synthesis paper on this point.)
4) Having learned several theories and approaches to making decisions about right/wrong, good/bad, and just/unjust, describe what, if any, changes you would make in the position you took in your short papers. Discuss whether/how your opinion has been changed or modified after being exposed to different approaches.
5) Conclude with a discussion in which you describe how you would expand/modify your ethical approaches in the future. For example, you may have found in your responses to the above that you tend to respond to issues somewhat reflexively by reverting to the teachings of your family?s political party or religion and you would like to be able to look beyond this. Perhaps, for example, you feel that you consider too many perspectives and believe you should focus on one or two rules that you find particularly compelling.6) Include reference to at least three, outside (e.g., not from the textbook) peer-reviewed (e.g., scholarly)resources that further your understanding of at least one specific ethical theory that appeared to be common or central to your own ethical decision-making.



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