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you practice in gathering information and completing a requirements analysis for an organizational information system. Consider the following set of requirements for a ticket issuing system and discover incomplete and ambiguous requirements.An automated ticket issuing system sells rail tickets. Users select their destination and input a credit card and a personal identification number. The rail ticket is issued and their credit card account charged with its cost. When the user presses the start button, a menu display of potential destinations is activated, along with a message to the user to select a destination. Once a destination has been selected, users are requested to input their credit card. Its validity is checked and the user is then requested to input a personal identifier. When the credit transaction has beenvalidated, the ticket is issued.This assignment has 5 steps. They are:1.Review the feasibility study for the problem you have chosen.2.Discuss the feasibility study with the domain experts and clients, and get their feedback. Get additional information for the recommended solution in the feasibility study.3.Gather functional and non-functional requirements on the basis of the information you have assembled.?Model key aspects of the problem (such as the functional requirements for the proposed system) using KAOS Goal Oriented Modeling4.Write a report that includes a requirements specification document and KAOS Goal Oriented models of the functional requirements for your system. **************************************Note:For information on Feasibility study refer the document belowFeasibility studies________________________________________The aims of a feasibility study are to find out whether the system is worth implementing and if it can be implemented, given the existing budget and schedule. The input to the feasibility study is a set of preliminary business requirements, an outline description of the system and how the system is intended to support business processes. The results of the feasibility study should be a report that recommends whether or not it is worth carrying on with the requirements engineering and system development process.If a system does not support the business objectives, it has no real value to the business. While this may seem obvious, many organisations develop systems which do not contribute to their objectives either because they don?t have a clear statement of these objectives, because they fail to define the business requirements for the system or because other political or organisation factors influence the system procurement.Carrying out a feasibility study involves information assessment, information collection and report writing. The information assessment phase identifies the information that is required to answer the three questions set out above. Once the information has been identified, you should question information sources to discover the answers to these questions. Some examples of possible questions that might ask:1.How would the organisation cope if this system was not implemented?2.What are the problems with current processes and how would a new system help alleviate these problems?3.What direct contribution will the system make to the business objectives and requirements?4.Can information be transferred to and from other organisational systems?5.Does the system require technology that has not previously been used in the organisation?6.What must be supported by the system and what need not be supported?Information sources may be the managers of departments where the system will be used, software engineers who are familiar with the type of system that is proposed, technology experts, end-users of the system, etc. Normally, you should try and complete a feasibility study in two or three weeks.When the information is available, you then write the feasibility study report. You should make a recommendation about whether or not the system development should continue. In the report, you may propose changes to the scope, budget and schedule of the system and suggest further high-level requirements for the system.


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