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(Solved by Expert Tutors) 1. Which of the following statements regarding judicial behavior is tru

A. Judges have the least discretion in interpreting the law and deciding sentences.

B. A judge has no duty to conclude judicial processing with reasonable punctuality.

C. The primary theme of judicial ethics is impartiality.

D. The judiciary doesn't have its own code of ethics.

2. Not representing a co-defendant in a burglary charge is part of which ethical consideration?

A. Lawyer-client confidentiality

B. Perjury

C. Conflict of interest

D. Zealous representation of client

3. Burying an opposing counsel in frivolous discovery paperwork is a violation of ABA Model Rule

A. 3.4 Fairness to Opposing Party and Counsel.

B. 1.3 Due Diligence.

C. 3.3 Candor Toward the Tribunal.

D. 1.4 Communication.

4. An attorney who wants to write a book about a case he or she is involved in

A. may not negotiate with a publisher until he or she no longer represents the affected client.

B. is prohibited from doing so.

C. must include his or her client as co-author.

D. may only use a ghostwriter.

5. During a court case, it was determined that both the litigants and their attorneys had made contributions to the judge's election campaign. It was therefore ethically essential that the

A. judge recuse himself if he found that the donations hindered his ability to be impartial.

B. judge recuse himself no matter what.

C. attorneys for the litigants demand the judge recuse himself.

D. attorney resign from the case.

6. Which of the following is acceptable behavior on the part of a prosecutor?

A. Choosing whether to charge or not charge a person

B. Speaking to the media about the character or credibility of a suspect or witness

C. Knowingly making false statements in the course of plea discussions

D. Not disclosing evidence to the defense

7. Which of the following statements regarding the action of prosecutors is true?

A. A prosecutor must seek justice, not merely a conviction.

B. A prosecutor is allowed to pursue charges when there's no probable cause.

C. A prosecutor is allowed much less discretion than other criminal justice professionals.

D. A prosecutor has no duty to the public as a representative of the state.

8. If the client tells the attorney where the murder weapon is and the attorney goes to check, the attorney must then

A. tell the judge only but not the police.

B. do nothing.

C. return the weapon to the client and ask him or her not to display the object again.

D. offer the weapon to the police.

9. The American Bar Association's judicial code emphasizes that judges should avoid _______ as well as actual bias.

A. accusations of bias

B. the appearance of bias

C. the appearance of impropriety

D. extrajudicial activities that might cause bias

10. Ethics rules prohibit an attorney from representing a client at a trial when the attorney

A. has other clients with similar issues.

B. will be called as a witness.

C. has a financial stake in the outcome of the trial.

D. is related to the client.

11. It's true that bar associations

A. are only authorized to sanction attorneys for criminal code violations.

B. sanction attorneys for ethical violations

. C. can't sanction attorneys for ethical violations.

D. are well staffed to handle complaints.

12. _______ occurs when a lawyer, judge, or juror accepts an offer benefitting them in exchange for a certain result in a case

. A. Due Diligence

B. Ex Parte

C. Abuse of Power

D. Bribery

13. Under the Model Rules, which of the following topics would be prohibited from a media statement?

A. Time and place of arrest

B. Litigation schedule

C. Credibility of a witness

D. Family status of the accused

14. Membership in the American Bar Association

A. is required only for prosecutors.

B. automatically makes an attorney a member of the state's bar association.

C. isn't required for an attorney to practice law.

D. is required before taking the bar exam.

15. A lawyer's promise to maintain confidentiality may be broken if

A. a crime is being committed.

B. the information is a matter of public knowledge.

C. the senior partner of his or her firm demands it.

D. the lawyer is talking to another lawyer.

16. Prosecutor Ray Thomas has discovered that he prosecuted an innocent man. It's now his ethical responsibility to

A. tell the defense attorney to reopen the case.

B. do nothing.

C. apply to the parole board.

D. remedy the conviction.

17. If an attorney believes that he or she isn't competent to handle a case, he or she may ethically do all of the following except

A. decline the case.

B. accept the case but work with another attorney.

C. accept the case and try to get up to speed on the material.

D. accept the case on behalf of another attorney.

18. With regard to the ethical code of lawyers, the ABA Model Rules

A. have few similarities with the law enforcement code of ethics.

B. are an aspirational code of ethics.

C. aren't concerned with behavior.

D. are concerned with a lawyer's conduct toward the client and the court.

19. If an attorney knows his client has lied on the stand, that attorney is ethically required to

A. recall his client to the stand and re-ask the question.

B. notify the court.

C. recuse himself from the case.

D. do nothing.

20. The primary theme of _______ ethics is impartiality.

A. defense-lawyer

B. judicial

C. utilitarian

D. prosecutorial


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