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(Solved by Expert Tutors) Examine an industry of your choice and demonstrate how structure of

the industry has affected the conduct of a firm within the industry, and how, in turn, market structure and conduct both affect the firm?s performance.
NB: The whole paper should be a maximum of 8 pages with references

Organization of the Paper
Give a historical background of the industry within which the firm operates.
When the industry was first established in Kenya
Who waswere the players at the initial stages of the operation of the industry?
What kind of a market structure is the industry: - perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, duopoly or oligopoly?
What justifies the choice of the market structure under which the industry falls?
Numbers of sellersbuyers.
What percentage of the market does the firm control?
Product differentiability: how substitutable are the brands it produces? Would a consumer easily substitute one for another without so much sacrificing his degree of satisfaction?
Entry conditions to the market: is there any entry restriction say by the government through licensing restriction, or by the amount of capital needed to invest into the business?
How has the firm(s) within the industry been determining price of their product?
Conduct of the Firm:
How has been the firm?s behavior before and after the liberalization of the industry and the entry of new players in the industry?

-Has the firm been promoting its product through advertisements (sales efforts)?
-Is there any evidence of strategic behavior resulting from threat of entry by other firms
-How is the firm striving to maintain its dominant position (or acquire dominance) in the industry? Performance:
Before Liberalization:
Was the firm profitable (look at the trend of profit over time before liberalization)?
How was it reaching its customers in terms of its marketing strategy? How effective was it?
How efficiently has the firm been operating?

-Look at this in terms of cost minimization.
-Better and effective cost methods of production.
-Product innovation and process innovation (technological progress) After Liberalization:
How has the firm?s profitability been affected?
How has the firm?s technological progress evolved: any new innovations in terms of product brands, packaging, etc?
Any new expansions in the form of branches or plants so as to take services close to customers?
New entrantsrivals to the firm being studied:
What strategies have the new entrants used to have a share in the market

-Any product or process innovation observed?
-What kind of sales efforts has the new entrant adopted?
-What share of the market does the new entrant control?
-What brands of productservices do they have in the market that is meant to substitute the already established brands? Is there any evidence of their success in gaining grounds in the market? That is, is the dominant (established firm) losing its dominant position?
Where do they source for their raw material?
Is the government providing a level playing ground in terms of removing barriers to unfair competition (antitrust policy)?
Note the following
A well written paper should have the following:

-A cover page with the details of the student- name and registration number as they appear in the School official records
-Other introductory pages i.e. table of contents, list of figures, list of tables
-A background that gives a general overview of the industry and the firm Specify the objective or the task of the assignment?
Give background information about the firm
Briefly explain to the reader how the paper is organized
2.?? Have a body:
Use of datatables and diagrams to justify your argument is recommended. Be careful to indicate source of the data or information.?????????
3. Summary, Conclusion and recommendations
4. References: this is very important in case your reader wants to carry out a similar case study, or verify your information.


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