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(Solved by Expert Tutors) Task 4 Students with intellectual disabilities are limited in>

Students with intellectual disabilities are limited in

their cognitive skills?their ability to remember, pay attention, reason, and generalize what they learn. These limitations often affect their ability to communicate effectively as well. According to the official definition, ?an intellectual disability is a disability that involves significant limitations both in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior, which covers many everyday social and practical skills.?

In the video, a group of students with mild-to-moderate intellectual disabilities are following a recipe to make a smoothie. The lesson involves the academic skills of reading and the functional skill of following a recipe. The teacher?s lesson is designed to address the learning characteristics of the students. Click on the link below to watch the video.

-Give an example of one way in which the teacher accommodates for different ability levels and needs within this lesson.
-Why might it be important for students with intellectual disabilities to have experiences with real objects and real-life experiences?

3. Describe one Cognitive Functioning characteristic from the text that the teacher is addressing in this video.

-Describe one Adaptive Behavior characteristic from the text that the teacher is addressing.

Task 5

-What is the guided notes strategy?
-How can the guided notes strategy help students with disabilities?
-How is the video below an example of scaffolding instruction? (Read and watch video below) Scaffolding is the structure or guidance that teachers give to their students. It is gradually adjusted or withdrawn as students? abilities develop. Good teachers are continually scaffolding students? learning. In a high?quality classroom, scaffolding is present in the way teachers present lessons, in the materials they post on the walls, and even in the daily routines they use to keep their students organized and on?task.

Scaffolding is an important teaching strategy to use with students with learning challenges. Because these students may have deficits in certain skill areas, it is important to scaffold instruction where appropriate. Teachers follow certain steps in scaffolding instruction: Demonstrate and model skill: The teacher instructs students to participate by watching listening, and thinking as the teacher leads the class in learning skills, content, or strategies.
Offer guided practice to students: The teacher directs the active participation of guided practice after explicit modeling and before students practice the skill, content or strategy independently. During guided practice, the teacher prompts the students and checks their work for understanding and accuracy.
Scaffold instruction to students who need additional support and guidance: The teacher provides temporary support when a student lacks sufficient prior knowledge to make a connection with new information being taught. Once the student has the essential information, scaffolding can be removed

In the video, Vince Workman described how he activates his students? prior knowledge. Click on link to watch:


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